Unlike self-propelled wheelchairs which have larger wheels to allow self-propelling, transit wheelchairs have smaller wheels and are controlled by an attendant or a carer.

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£0.00 £0.00 Ex VAT

VAT Relief Ergo 125 Wheelchair Transit

Ergo 125 Wheelchair Transit

£358.80 £299.00 Ex VAT

Escape Lite Wheelchair Transit

Escape Lite Wheelchair Transit

£179.99 £149.99 Ex VAT

Excel G-Lite Pro Wheelchair Transit

Excel G-Logic Pro Wheelchair Transit

£346.80 £289.00 Ex VAT

Karma ergo lite 15” transit wheelchair

£546.00 £455.00 Ex VAT

Tilt in Space Recliner classic chair - ex demonstration

£354.00 £295.00 Ex VAT

Van OS Logic 16” transit wheelchair

£438.00 £365.00 Ex VAT