Procare Auto Bariatric

Alternating Pressure Redistributing System

Suitable for patients in high to very high risk of pressure injuries.

Total dynamic in Cell-on-Cell air cells for enhanced comfort and stable support.

Alternating Low Pressure mode for an even higher comfort level to patients.

Deliberately crafted dual compressors system silently and continuously care for patients.

Auto Adjustment

The system provides optimal pressure setting based on weight distribution differences, offering enhanced quality of care and reduced risks for caregivers.

Alternately inflate air cells in a mild manner for sensitive patients.

80% of time saving

Air cells with quick release detachable base can be easily removed from the mattress during the cleaning process.

Total Dynamic

Achieve prevention of bottoming out and therapy without compromising dynamic pressure in both upper and lower cells. 

A waterproof gadget for mattresses to last longer.

A seperate cap at the mattress end to avoid water ingress during the cleaning process.

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