Kitchen & Home

In this section of the Fen Mobility Centre you will find various kitchen aids, to make life easier for those with disabilities. Items such as knives, mats, anti-slip devices, bottle openers, pillboxes, special kettles etc. will be available. We have also listed items that will help in any room in the home here. 

VAT Relief

4-in-1 perching stool

£143.99 £119.99 Ex VAT

7 day Medichest

£13.79 £13.79 Ex VAT

7 day pill box

£6.69 £6.69 Ex VAT

A Warm Welcome

£0.00 £0.00 Ex VAT

Can Key

£7.19 £7.19 Ex VAT

VAT Relief

Can Pull

£4.85 £4.04 Ex VAT

Clear Mug with Handle

£11.99 £11.99 Ex VAT

VAT Relief

Dignity 2 handled mug

£12.49 £10.41 Ex VAT

VAT Relief

Duo Mug Handle

£17.09 £14.24 Ex VAT

VAT Relief

EasieEaters Curved Utensils

£16.55 £13.79 Ex VAT

VAT Relief

Easireach 530mm 21" Aid

£11.04 £9.20 Ex VAT

VAT Relief

Feeding Cup with long spout

£8.09 £6.74 Ex VAT