Domus 4

Pressure Relieving Mattress

The Domus 4 is a pressure relieving mattress designed to offer high levels of support in both the community and acute settings. The Domus 4 alternating dynamic mattress system has a simple to use and intuitive weight setting function, enabling the care giver to simply set the mattress up according to the weight of each patient, reducing the risk of incorrect weight settings being entered. The Domus 4 has a range of features for both patients and caregivers that have been designed to comply with the most stringent infection control guidelines. It is suitable for both the prevention and cure of pressure ulcers in a variety of healthcare environments. The Domus 4 is a highly versatile and cost effective solution to pressure area care. Its modular construction makes it easy to keep clean and maintain, and it offers a number of features normally only found on much higher specification mattresses. 

Product Features & Benefits:

Alternating Therapeutic Mode: Continuously and sequentially inflates and deflates the air cells to allow for pressure redistribution over a ten minute cycle time. 

Cell on Cell Design: The cell on cell design offers the patient higher levels of support and comfort throughout the therapeutic pressure relieving cycle. 

Seat Inflate Mode: When a patient is in the upright position, the seat inflate mode increases the pressure throughout the mattress in order to better support the sacral area. 

Max Firm Mode: Hyper inflates the cells providing a firm surface for moving, handling and nursing procedures. For the safety of the patient the mattress will only stay in Max Firm Mode for 20 minutes and will then revert back to Alternating Therapeutic Mode. 

Low Pressure Alarm: Alerts the caregiver if there is a loss of air pressure in the mattress. 

Power Failure Alarm: Notifies the caregiver when there is a loss of power if the mattress is unplugged. 

Service Fault Indicator: Alerts the caregiver when the mattress needs to be repaired. 

Lock Out: Automatically locks the control panel to help prevent the changing of settings inappropriately.

Static Mode: Addresses areas of high contact pressure by redistributing the body mass over a greater surface area through a process of immersion, which is achieved by reducing the mattress pressure by up to one third across the whole surface area of the mattress.#

Mattress Cover: The cover is flame resistant to BS 7175 Crib 7 and has a host of features to aid with infection prevention including a 360 degree zip, white underside, vapour permeability, antimicrobial properties and is water resistant. The cover is four way stretch to offer greater pressure relief and comfort levels to the patient, it is also possible to launder the cover in a washing machine. 


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