Rise & Recline Chairs

Riser recliner chairs work by a rising and reclining action within the chair, which operates from mains electricity. ... Ideal for the disabled and elderly. The main purpose of an electric riser recliner is to help aid the user in and out of their riser recliner safely, easily and independently.

Admiral Premium Rise & Recliner Armchair - Tilt-In-Space

£885.00 £885.00 Ex VAT

Kingsley Rise & Recline Chair Claret-Red

Kingsley Rise & Recliner Armchair

£495.00 £495.00 Ex VAT

Primacare Brecon – single motor – colour beige

£795.00 £795.00 Ex VAT

Primacre usk – single motor –light green

£650.00 £650.00 Ex VAT

Rise and recline – single motor -fawn

£1,195.00 £1,195.00 Ex VAT